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Bloomers & Corsets Presentation
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  • SUSTAINABILITY SPEAKER :  Does your community/college/business want to learn more about Fashion Upcycling?  Raising awareness through education is the mission behind my brand.  Presentation Topics:  “Applying Spiritual Principles of Care for Creation to Fast Fashion”, “Putting Eco into Fashion Design; A 101 for Fashion Students”, “What is Eco-Fashion & Upcycling”,Upcycle It! How to Redesign Your Wardrobe”, “Upcycling Hollywood: The Ups & Downs of Bringing Eco to the Red Carpet”, “Bloomers and Corsets: The History of Women’s Restrictive Fashion”, “Planning for Success: Entrepreneurial Business in Eco-Fashion”, “How to Take Leaps of Faith Towards Your Dreams”, “Women as Peacemakers & How They Are Transforming the World”. Past lectures include FIDM, Mount Mary University, Northern Michigan University.
  • WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT:  A commitment to represent a positive body image for all women and create a culture that unifies us by highlighting the beauty in our differences.
  • UPCYCLE COLLABORATION NEW BUSINESS MODEL:  To create a viable livelihood for entrepreneurs and designers committed to conscious capitalism and social responsibility.  Fashion ReDesigning and Upcycling will be a profitable career opportunity with jobs in every community. Please visit my sister site The Fashion Upcycler for more on world-wide initiatives.
  • ART AS FASHION:  Engaging and Inspiring through eye catching exhibits showing before and after transformations via photos displays and physical pieces.  I believe in practical functionality where found objects only work on clothing if you can wear it out comfortably, otherwise it remains only art.BAsilver